Monday, 15 August 2016

                                                Our conscious mind and 5 senses function  in Infinite Space , though limited by sensory reality in our transactional  life. We have succeeded to understand the tangible anatomy of our human body . But the subtle infinite aspects in human body are still beyond our access , being out side the ambit of objective investigations . The reason for this negligence might not be  intentional , because objective approaches are inappropriate to access Eternal Substratum  . We could access  Subtlety  , only by depending  on our inward turned mind & 5 senses functioning in cosmic consistency with Eternal Dharma  (analogy : -  a tortoise withdrawing  into its shell) . One ought to have  utmost earnestness , and take sincere self efforts for seeking Inner Presence of [ All Pervading Uninterrupted Pure Consciousness ] .This might  be one of the reasons why,  seeking All Pervading Inner  PRESENCE , mostly remain confined within some genuine  rare Yogi 's or some exceptional persons here & there ,globally . Esoteric metaphysical  knowledge , along with highest sincere self efforts help us to have higher Subjective experiences . Only by equipping ourselves with indispensable Noble Life Styles , could Subtle qualities be acquired, for seeking Eternal Presence Of [ All Pervading Uninterrupted Pure Consciousness ] in 72000 Meridian Channels . Such experiences help us to possess , Brisk Health & Well being as well , at appropriate ripe time .  By fulfilling this indispensable condition , the functioning efficiency of our usually neglected [ Mystical Endocrine System ] starts to improve  radically .  It is also worth notable ,that  Quantum Physics scientifically explains about ,  the need for immaculate maintenance of our Endocrine System ,as an indispensable need , for Holistic Wellness , self realization and liberation from , Choice less - Sprouting , Growing , Withering -  rebirth cycle .